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Is this Coach Spoelstra first time in a locker room?  Well almost, first time as a Head Coach and he’s got two out of the top five talents in the league and a third overpaid, high profiled diva.  This guy is in way over his head! 

He looks more like a PR agent and what is he going to teach James and Wade?  Then after yet another collapsing loss against the Bulls and another missed game winning shot by Lebron, he comes out on an interview and says there are guys “crying in the locker room.” 

First off, crying for a regular season game by a pro is ridiculous and second how dare he say such an idiotic comment and out his team!  Now he’s backpedaling and saying the press is blowing it out of proportion and calling it “Crygate.” 

Are you serious dude?  Were you never a player yourself?  Sorry but you are NOT a Phil Jackson type with the experience and knowledge of how to handle these players in a higher mental capacity. This was and is by far one of the dumbest things a coach can say and I believe he has completely lost any respect he might have had left. 

I feel he is so overmatched that he should not continue in his role even through the end of this month.  Oh by the way, Wade carried this team to win a championship and carried the Olympic Team to win the Gold.  Give him the ball! 



So now Yahoo! Sports reports that Jim “the Vest” Tressel knew eight months before that Pryor and gang were selling off memorabilia for services.  Yes the same Buckeyes that didn’t have to serve their punishment for the BCS game but got a reprieve until next season.  Of course he knew!  And as usual, he lied.   Lied to his team, school, NCAA, media, the WHOLE WORLD.  Coaches lie all the time.  So what’s new about that?  Urban Meyer said many coaches cheat and do unethical things in getting recruits and coaching their teams.  Well guess what?  Mr. Clean got caught and hammered with a two game suspension as well and $250,000 fine.  Welcome to the pen.

Let’s start with the biggest news of the weekend: Melissa Leo dressed as a doilie dropping the FIRST EVER F bomb at the Oscars!  Hard to believe its the first but in that stuffy, stick-in-the-rear, pompous atmosphere it just may have been. Hathaway I thought was a great even though she had a boulder for a co-host.  I guess the only time Franco can be entertaining is when HIS supporting cast is a rock!

Speaking of entertainers, why is everyone up in arms about Cam Newton’s comment? Ok yes he is an athlete most importantly, but don’t we buy tickets for these professionals to “entertain” us?  Why do movie, television, and musical entertainers get a free pass to act any way and say anything they want? We also as a society allow them to make millions of dollars with zero resentment.  Yet professional athletes are held to some different standard and are scrutinized on everything they do and say.  No I’m sorry Mr. 30-50±-year-old overweight guy sitting in your easy-chair still wearing your too small Letterman’s jacket, YOU CAN’T PLAY LIKE THEM!  They are the elite of their trade just like Oscar winners are on the big screen.  Yes they are entertainers and if any player acted half as bad as Charlie Sheen who exudes his “don’t give a care” attitude they would be ripped to shreds by the media, fans and suspended while Sheen banks his $45 million per year doing a suitcase full of blow and a television show. 

And then of course there’s that little flame in Miami they call the Dream Team that just got whacked at home like a mob boss in a season ending scene of the Sopranos.  By the Knicks none the less!  Yes the trio of Heat ballers who continue to disappoint their fans and loyal servants of King James serfdom that has a losing record against winning teams and is a pathetic 5-11 in games decided by 5 points or less, including 0-7 versus Boston, Dallas and Chicago.  No I’m not anointing New York the crown either but Chauncey Billups was a HUGE part in that trade as an experienced dynamic Point Guard who still has a little “heat” left of his own. By the way, just saw a replay at the end of that game, D-Wade was WIDE OPEN for the 3pt shot, when LBJ did not pass and missed, he dropped his head and walked off!  Body language says alot.

Dang man, where did that win go?

Unfortunately, as a UNLV fan, I have to give massive props to the Jimmer and crew at BYU for winning a beast of a game in Aztec country essentially dominating from wire to wire and making their case for a #1 seed in the Big Dance.

And now back to the NFL combine, who are we as fans and media to just continuously beat down and scrutinize these 20+year-old kids who are working their tails off to excel in areas of a physical nature that we can only dream of?  Lighten up!  Tell the stories, ask a few questions, that’s fine.  But let the NFL teams and organizational heads handle the hardcore interviews since THEY are the ones investing millions in them and their team’s futures, not you.  The performances these guys are putting on are nothing short of amazing for their size.  How about 49 reps with 225 lbs., or a 4.44 sec 40 yard dash by a 250 lb Defensive Lineman? Let the professional seers handle these young kids lives and destinies instead of flying around like vultures looking for some raw meat to gorge upon.  But one last note, as I highly respect the commentators and their vast knowledge of the game which exceedingly outweighs mine, can we stop using the word “athletic” as an adjective?  I think by this point, they really ALL are.