Jim Tressel Out As Ohio State Head Coach, Embarasses NCAA’s Sugar Bowl Decision

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Football, General
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There is absolutely no way Jim Tressel can stay as Head Coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes.  He has committed an egregious error in covering up a major violation committed by Terrell Pryor and five other football players.

Eight months before the violations surfaced Tressel was notified via email that someone had this information and eventually it was due to come out.  It always does.

Tressel had plenty of time to get this into the proper hands of either the NCAA or the schools compliance office.  He chose to sweep it under the rug.

Why?  Well most importantly its all about winning.  He knew his team was a preseason number one in the polls and had an excellent chance at winning a BCS National Title.  But as many coaches have done in the past, Tressel tried to dodge the news of the infractions and march his program to an elite championship.

Jim Tressel signed off on documentation by the NCAA that  he fully complied with the investigation.  A flat out lie!  Now these kids were punished and suspended for five games of the 2011 football season.  Ohio State self imposed sanctions against Tressel of a fine for $250,000 and a two game suspension.

You must be kidding right?!  Dez Bryant of Oklahoma State was suspended by the NCAA for an entire year for lying and failing to comply with an investigation.  USC was levied with major sanctions for a player who is no longer with the school.

But an even greater issue is how much backlash and scrutiny the NCAA received when they punished the Ohio State players the NEXT season and still allowing them to play in the BCS Sugar Bowl versus Arkansas. 

I’m sure this had a lot to do with Jim Tressel and the Ohio State athletic department convincing them to “hold off” on their suspensions.  Well now the shoes have changed feet and the ever so righteous one Jim Tressel has turned out to be the dirty one.

The NCAA committee must be fuming and steaming right now.  Incensed that how dare he know and cover this up whilst they tried to help the school and delay the punishments.  They will not take this lightly and after their own investigations are concluded they will hand down punishments and suspensions so long and severe, Ohio State will have no choice but to find themselves a new head coach.


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