Murder, sexual assault, DUI, drug-charges!!

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Athletes

Have I got your attention?!  Of course I do!  Why?  Because we live in a society that thrives on bad news!  That is what piques our interest.  That is what makes headlines, sells stories, makes for great television ratings and entertainment.  Kinda sad when you think about it really.  We live in a world that feeds on the demise and downfall of others, no matter how severe.  What made bigger headlines this week: the couple from North Carolina that are 104 and 102 years old that have been married for 86 years or Lindsay Lohan stealing a necklace for $2500 and going back to prison, again?  What’s more interesting, the few stars that stay married faithfully or the couples who continuously have affairs, breakups and divorces?  Do we care about the huge drug bust in Atlanta, Georgia that took down one of the largest drug trafficking and illegal firearms organizations in the area or is it more entertaining to hear about Charlie Sheen’s weekend of debauchery, hookers and suitcase full of cocaine?  Which he of course did not get arrested for!  When we turn on our televisions at 6 and 11, we should hear *in my best Walter Cronkite voice* ” and NOW the BAD News”!  In looking at athletes it’s no different.  Every year, countless days, articles, radio shows are spent on the “bad” things these professionals are doing.  How much have we heard about Big Ben Rothlisberger’s assault charges, even during the Super Bowl telecast?  Or years of Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and others for all their charges on Performance Enhancing Drugs.  Then of course there is the Santonio Holmes’ and Vincent Jacksons of the world that have repeat illegal drug offenses.  But then I’m sure NONE of us in our workplaces have fellow employees who have similar issues with character flaws.  In 2008 11,773 people were killed in alcohol related accidents, one by an NFL player.  Yes, bad seeds exist in every part of our lives and work environments, but only the high-profile people are the ones that make the “BAD News”.  In contrast though, what about the GOOD ones?  That’s right, how about some “GOOD News”!  Every NFL player is involved whether physically and/or monetarily to some charitable organization whether sanctioned by the NFL or on their own.  How many of your co-workers are?  Sorry churches do not count, too easy.  Yet how much publicity, television,radio, printed or digital media do these players get for the millions of people they DO help?  They have to go out and campaign for their GOOD, while the press and media go running to them when the BAD happens!  Take for example some of my favorite: Marcus McNeill of the San Diego Chargers who has a wonderful charity that he has started “to improve the quality of life in youth through various activities to include but not limited to healthy lifestyles, physical activity, education, and financial literacy.”  Yes our youth today need this help because the parents are NOT doing their jobs.  Go to for more information.  How about Warrick Dunn, former player for the Falcons and Buccaneers, now part owner of the Atlanta team and has a fantastic group at that helps single parent families afford to purchase their own homes.  Anyone at your work place put a down payment on a house for someone in need?  Let’s not forget Larry Fitzgerald, who lost his own mother to cancer in 2003, is a hardcore advocate for cancer research and has started the Carol Fitzgerald Memorial Fund.  Not to mention every year he travels around the world in the offseason to help needy and underprivileged children.  Yeah that’s right, turn to Bob or Amy in the cubicle next to you and ask them “When did you go to India and fit over 6000+ children for hearing aids?” “Oh that’s right you took your kids to Disney World for the summer, my bad”.  One of my favorites and of recent news was the members of the Philadelphia Eagles DeSean Jackson, Jamaal Jackson and Todd Herremans, who made a surprise visit to The View on Feb 3, 2011, where 13-year-old Nadin Khoury was telling his story of being viciously bullied by other kids at his school. The following link to the video will have ANYONE well up with tears in their eyes. is a MUST SEE video, coming from a player in DJ who gets spurned frequently for his on field “taunting” acts and lack of humility sure shows the opposite when off the field.  Of course we can go on with the countless players like Peyton Manning’s Peyback Foundation, the Favre’s Fourward Foundation and the world-famous foundation started by Lance himself.  We can also add in the millions of dollars and hundreds of players that physically helped out ones in need in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, including thousands of man hours put in by the New Orleans Saints themselves. Yes, some of this “GOOD News” does make the media reports, for a brief quick instant, then quickly fades.  But of course it does, because the mass of humanity thrives on the ruination of mankind and not what we can do to build each other up.  Next time we hear a mass-media exploitation and tirade of the “evil” athletes, how about we just “turn it off” and focus on the 99 percent of those that “do the right thing”?  Would it not be wonderful to turn on the television at 6 and 11 and hear *in my best Dudley Do-right voice* “and NOW the GOOD News”

  1. Mike says:

    Also, another thing that Larry Fitzgerald does is he is a guy who is going back to school for his degree. He also sponsors a scholarship for people to go to college and achieve.

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